Certificate in Holistic Counselling [2022]


Certificate in Holistic Counselling [2022]

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Certificate of Holistic Counselling

The Certificate in Holistic Counselling course began in 1999 to support health practitioners and students to utilize dynamic techniques for personal and professional development. (Now available online & face to face)


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Key Information

Brisbane, starting 4th March 2022
Brisbane: $3545 inc GST (early bird)
Brisbane: $350* inc GST booking fee
Melbourne/Online LIVE, starting 6th February 2022
Melbourne: $3545 inc GST (early bird)
Melbourne: $350* inc GST booking fee
9 months, including 12 classes, 3 online study groups, 1 private consultation
*Payment Plan option available – $350 inc GST non-refundable booking fee required for total cost of $3645 inc GST

Course Summary

This is an unique opportunity to create in-dependence (self mastery). From this position true healing happens both personally and as a professional. Our holistic approach ensures transformation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually thus manifesting your vision of life naturally.The certification course is aimed at transforming practitioner’s personal patterns and experience of Self, enabling deeper insights, understanding and experience of the true nature of healing and Self enabling practitioners to truly facilitate clients personal transformation from the depth of knowing and experiencing the divinity of oneself. For all health practitioners and therapists, caring professionals, or persons interested in enlightening their experience of life.

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Course Content

The Certificate in Holistic Counselling includes 12 classes, 3 study groups, and a private consultation, course manual, online library & certificate given on successful completion.
Part 1: The Big Picture

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 1 day The Big Picture: How Reality is Created Mapping one’s Lifestream: Identifying issues & their point of creation Aligning self judgment Moving beyond the past to the present. Being the future How You Manifest: Thought embraced by emotion Soul communication: Laying the foundations to learning to trust oneself Who am I Really beyond the thoughts: Freedom from our neuroses Mapping Emotional Addiction

Part 2: Healing The Wounded Healer

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 Days Role of parents in psychological development ACE: Adverse Childhood Experience key components Attachment styles: Understanding and what to look for Neuroplasticity and the role of holistic counselling Acknowledging Needs Developing Empathy: Moving from past to future using art and movement therapies Working with Internal archetypes: Inner Child, Adult Self, Wise self Connecting with inner child, journeying to recreate a supportive inner reality Working with anger, grief, sense of obligation, fear etc Direct experience: aligning the pain body - turning anguish into bliss Unmasking and embracing the shadow self Aligning personal issues to experience the peace and truth of self Finding your place for support in your lineage

Part 3: The Work of Byron Katie: Undoing Beliefs

Trainer: Rosie Stave or Wendy Davidson 2 days The Work of Byron Katie –The Great Undoing: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. Time magazine called it: Four Questions to Inner Peace “An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering” Byron Katie Learning and Experiencing the Inquiry The Worksheet 4 questions and turnarounds Literal Listening The Gift of Criticism

Part 4: Effective Communication

Trainer: Cate Crombie 2 days The Therapeutic Relationship Introduction & practice of counselling skills: Learning the helping Skills Who Owns the Problem Roadblocks to Communication Active Listening: Lead Ins, Common Mistakes, Statements & responses, Feelings Inventory I Messages Feelings Needs Inventory Developing empathy using micro-skills Identifying the Issue(s)

Part 5: Family / Systemic Constellations

Trainer: Catherine Ingram-Silver , Brenda Sutherland 2 days Introduction to the Principles of Family Constellation, by Bert Hellinger Key components of Family Constellation work: Family History, The Family Soul, Orders of Love, Function of Conscience, Belonging, Balance of Giving & Taking, Fate Movements of the Soul Developing mindfulness Family of Origin Personal Constellations Experience this phenomenological approach through being a representative Address issues such as adoption, abuse, illness, belonging and much more

Part 6: Creative Counselling

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 1 day Creative visualization: a simple and powerful tool reconnecting sub-personalities ie: wise self, sensual self, inner child, sexuality etc. Linking Systemic Constellations with Creative Visualization with art therapy, props, figurines and other techniques for one to one sessions Working with deep respect for the client and their fate Helping in Harmony Developing Open Focus to include all signals: words, breath, movements, Soma Learn how to create a visualizations to strength, heal and reframe for clients Trust yourself as a counselor through: Connecting with Inner Guides Soul Communication Meditation Spiritual Cleansing Technique

Part 7: Love, Sex & Relationships

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 1 day Initiation of the Senses: Awakening Ones Sensual Self Enhancing Intimacy (In to Me See) in relationships The Language of the Masculine & Feminine in Relationship & Balancing them within Systemic Principles governing relationships Meeting in Love: A Return to Innocence, a new way of connecting sexually without the goals Issues arising in relationships and what to be aware of Enlivening and learning about sexual energy in the body: Transforming sexual energy into meditation

Part 8: Physically Speaking Part I & II

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days Your Disease is keeping you healthy: Speaking to illness and letting illness speak to you Creative Ways of working with illness A Holistic Approach to dis-ease with case studies Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress, Depression Biology Becomes Biography: Energy Psychology Case studies and working with illnesses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Dissolution and Freedom Technique Introducing Somatic Experiencing (working with Trauma in the body developed by Peter Levine) Developing energetic boundaries in relation to trauma Resourcing a Client to work with trauma Working with Health and Wellbeing using Systemic Constellations

Part 9: The Emerging Counsellor

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 1 day The Intuitive Approach Client Questionnaire and Interviewing process Ethics, case management, case studies, supervision Who Am I Beyond the Story and Processes? Defining Oneself and Intention as a Counsellor

Part 10: Study Groups

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland Sessions for 3 hours x 4 Questions and Answers Review Questions marked More exercises and deepening of previous unit taught Systemic Presentation at last Study group


Provides ongoing peer supervision for case study discussions Highly recommended as practise hours New information and research shared amongst peers Personal issues effecting being a counsellor.


Course details


  • Online course starts 6th February 9am, 2022
  • Brisbane course starts 4th March 2022 Friday 9am (Enrolments close 1st Feb 2022 or when full)
  • Melbourne course starts on the 6th February 9am, 2022  (Enrolments close 21st January or when full- ONLY A FEW PLACES LEFT)
  • There are a number units: The Work of Byron Katie, Effective Communication Part I (online) and Family Constellations that can be completed separately that are credited towards Certificate CLICK HERE for details


  • $3645 GST incl., full course cost
  • $3545 earlybird price if paid in full before 1st January 2022 (VIC) or 1st February 2022 (QLD)
  • A $350 non-refundable deposit secures your place for payment plans ($3645 Payment Plan starts the month prior to the course commencing)
  • Please note payments are subject to The Awakening Group terms and conditions.


  • Online via Zoom Rooms Live Webinars
  • Melbourne: Australia Shiatsu College, 103 Evans St Brunswick and LIVE online webinars
  • Brisbane: Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon and LIVE online webinars

Introduction to the Certificate and Diploma webinar

Learning Activities

  • Case studies, take home questions, class presentation, autobiography, unit review questions, interactive online group sharing


  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) membership and insurance to practice in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Gibraltar.
  • Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association: AHHCA accredited
  • For more details on benefits of AHHCA membership see www.ahha.org.au Insurance available. Practitioners with complementary modalities are able to use the name Holistic Counsellor on completion of course due to accreditation.
  • The course is over 185 hours training with Unit 4 being part of a nationally accredited course.

Student Testimony


  • The number of enrolments are limited to 24 students per year per state.
  • Melbourne/Online enrolments close on the 1st February 2022 or if fully booked.
  • There are units you can complete that are credited towards the Certificate and Diploma.
  • Brisbane enrolments close on the 1st March 2022 or if fully booked.
  • Deposit secures your place if paying via payment plan
  • On enrolment an individual session is made so that we can create the course to suit your needs and career direction, whilst supporting your personal growth.


Additional information

Pay in Full

Pay the full amount for the class upfront, rather than paying monthly & save $200. Offered in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Payment Plan

Payments are run over 7 months via Direct Debit system, which is set up by the College, once the non-refundable deposit is paid of $350. Monthly cost is $463.57 per month unless negotiated. Offered in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Class Start Dates

February 21st 2020 in Melbourne, March 13th 2020 in Brisbane.

Downloadble Documentation

[Course Prospectus](https://awakening.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Prospectus-2022-1.pdf)

Downloadble Documentation 2

[Course Calendar for VIC & QLD 2022](https://awakening.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2022-Course-Calendars-OnlineVIC-QLD.pdf

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  1. Violetta Znorkowski (verified owner)

    I am grateful for the decision I made to enroll in this course and for the people I had the opportunity to connect with along the way. There is a wealth of knowledge in the classroom and in all the teachers you interact with that will undoubtedly widen the lens through which you view yourself and the world. If you intend to take this course for your own personal journey, it is absolutely suitable. If you are already a counsellor, it will without a doubt add more tools to your tool kit. I am excited to see what doors will open because of what I learned during this course.
    Thank you Brenda and the rest of the team at The Awakening Group!

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  2. Tamara Rogers

    I found the course interesting, challenging, and rewarding. I learnt a lot and it gave me a good grounding in the basics. It really made me think, and I liked how it enabled me to interact with people through the practical work, even though the majority has been online this year, due to COVID. Brenda is an excellent teacher, facilitator and counsellor and it’s been invaluable watching how she works.

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