Loves Hidden Symmetry By Bert Hellinger

Loves Hidden Symmetry By Bert Hellinger



Dr. Frankl describes logotherapy techniques such as paradoxical intention and dereflection, and explains their application with patients with a range of disturbances, from “inner emptiness” or an existential vacuum, to obsessive-compulsive disorder, sexual dysfunction and schizophrenia. He also articulates on philosophical distinctions such as that between values and meaning, and between objective and subjective meaning.

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Love’s Hidden Symmetry is a book to be read slowly … and then to be read again and again. Here is an opportunity to discover the work of Bert Hellinger, whose generative approach to intervening in systems has already reached across Europe into the hearts and minds of a diverse therapeutic community.

A lively blend of narrative, storytelling, transcript material, and poetic imagery is invoked to describe, and to demonstrate, what Hellinger calls “the orders of love” and how disturbances in the orders of love create a legacy that must be reckoned with for generations to come. But these deeply embedded forces in the family system can be harnessed for healing once they are acknowledged, respected, and gently redirected.

Hellinger’s basic tool for helping family members restore balance is the use of family constellations. Hellinger, along with coauthors Gunthard Weber and Hunter Beaumont, clarifies how this method can be refined and expanded to galvanize the energy of everyone involved toward a greater sense of well- being. The transcripts included in the book help to capture the extraordinary potential of working appropriately with family constellations. The profound suffering of many of these individuals is more than matched by the opportunity for peace that is revealed in the therapeutic work.

Love’s Hidden Symmetry offers profound – and practical — revelations about What Makes Love Work in Relationships.


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