The Work of Byron Katie


The Work of Byron Katie


Time Magazine described The Work of Byron Katie as: “4 Questions to Inner Peace”. Through self enquiry into our beliefs they let go of us and what remains is the deepest truth of who you are – peace, compassion and humility.

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Key Information

Online: 15th & 16th October 2022 Part II (Online)

Brisbane: 25th & 26th March  2023  PART I 
Brisbane: $295 part one, or part two, $570 for both. inc GST (early bird)

Melbourne: 25th & 26th February 2023 Part I (online)
Melbourne: $295 part one, or $570 for both Part I & II. inc GST (early bird)

2 day program per Part, includes manual, Loving What is booklet, worksheets.


Course Summary

‘I don’t let go of concepts, I question them. Then they let go of me’ Byron Katie

What is your most painful, stressful thought that keeps replaying over and over again?
How would your life feel if that thought was gone…would you feel more joyful? More full of energy and connection and laughter? Who would you be without that thought?

The Work of Byron Katie is a radical approach that doesn’t have any answers – it has something better – the questions. People who use The Work experience extraordinary and lasting impact on their daily lives, in their relationships, career, with their health etc.

Time magazine called it “4 Questions to Inner Peace”

“An unquestioned mind is a world of suffering” Byron Katie


Instead of trying to suppress our judgments we have about others or life experiences we will use them as a starting point for self-realization. Doing so allows us to discover the real source of distress in life is only ever our thinking. As we cease trying desperately to get reality to match our stories of how it “should be” we start to experience the peace and happiness that comes when we stop wanting everything to be different than it is.

“When you argue with reality you lose, but only 100% of the time.” Byron Katie


  • Enquire into your relationship with your family, partner, children, health, wealth, life, work and much more.
  • Bring your suffering, distress, frustration – enquire into what is truly causing the suffering

Great for starting out and/or wanting to consolidate your understanding of The Work of Byron Katie.


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Course Content

The Work of Byron Katie weekends comprise of 2 days per part.

Includes workbook, Loving What is booklet, Judge Your Neighbour worksheets, morning and afternoon tea

For those participants who have not attended Part I prior to Part II it is suggested that an individual session or webinar using The Work of Byron Katie be attended.


Part 1: Part I
Trainer: Rosie Stave

2 days

  • An Introduction on How to do The Work of Byron Katie
  • Literal Listening - Listening without adding to another's story
  • Identifying Transparent beliefs
  • Enquirying into our stressful thoughts with The Work of Byron Katie so the beliefs let go of us
  • Introduction to using The Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet
  • Discover The One Belief At a Time Worksheet you can use anytime
  • The Gift of Criticism introduction
  • Demonstrations of The Work of Byron Katie enquiry process
  • In class exercises
  • Many resources to use and access
Part 2: Part II

2 days

  • Saying "No" or "Yes" - Who is it I have difficulty saying "No" to or saying "Yes" to? What are my stressful thoughts?
  • Inquiry using The Worksheets
  • Doing The Work of Byron on Myself - "I", personal stories of self, body illness etc
  • Stressful Events - What were my motives? Why don't I say "No" or "Yes" to myself?
  • Wants - Why I think I can't get what I want? Practice asking, beliefs that stop us....
  • The Gift of Criticism - Taking it deeper, How to receive. What was it like? Beliefs appearing and enquiry.
  • Turnarounds: Meeting life as it is, my thinking, shoulds,how I drink in my thinking and much more




Rosie Stave

Rosie Stave

Rosie Stave


Since her first introduction to The Work in 1995, Rosie has been passionate about this tool for freedom. She lived and worked with Katie for 2 years setting up the Center For The Work in Barstow, California. Rosie was the primary facilitator at The Center For The Work when Katie was unavailable. Since her return to Australia in 1998, she has been offering workshops, retreats, private sessions and evenings of The Work throughout Australia and New Zealand. She is a certified facilitator of The Work and brings a depth of wisdom and truth, honesty and compassion, love and laughter to this life changing work.

Wendy Davidson

Wendy Davidson

Wendy Davidson






Wendy Davidson is an experienced Management Consultant and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.
Wendy’s career has encompassed community development work in the not-for-profit sector and more recently management consulting with business, government and community sectors. She works extensively with individuals and organisations in planning, development, mediation, facilitation and coaching.

Wendy utilises The Work of Byron Katie as a process to unearth personal wisdom, knowledge and capability and to elicit long-lasting change for individuals and organisations. Wendy offers The Work as method to identify internal obstacles, question limiting beliefs and transform lives.

“My own personal journey as a young child I would often lay on the ground in the dark, gaze at the night sky and look into the stars. I remember feeling that all was right in my world. I felt connected, at home, peaceful.
Then at the age of 8 my father died, suddenly. He drowned. Purposely, some suspect. As a child, I did not understand my father’s depression nor the mental illness that ran through his family, randomly carrying others on its tidal wave. I felt guilt, shame, not good enough and a deep sadness which became abiding unhappiness. I stopped looking at the sky. The stars went out.
From then on I lived my life on alert, looking for the next danger. I believed there was always something that could go wrong. I would try to control everything in my life and in the lives of others, particularly of those close to me. There was always something that might go wrong and I needed to manage it, control it, fix it. Nothing was ever right or good enough, including me! I used anger, criticism, and blame toward others and the world.

The Work helped me to unravel my learnt distrust. I learnt to notice when I’m on alert looking for the next danger and now find myself smiling at my old habits and need for control. It’s such a relief to understand that those long held beliefs and habits of anger, criticism, blame, and even self-loathing are simply reflections of a fearful mind”.


Course details

Dates: Part I

  • 25th & 26th March 2023 Brisbane with Rosie Stave (face to face)
  • 25th & 26th February 2023 with Wendy Davidson (online)
Dates: Part II
  • 15th & 16th October 2022 Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm Part II with Wendy Davidson (ONLINE)
  • Please note participants who have not done Part I in Part II your facilitator will introduce all participants again to The Work of Byron Katie in class.
  • Brisbane Bardon Counselling Centre 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon
  • Online: via Zoom Room



  • Earlybird $295 GST incl per weekend or $315 GST incl full price
  • Includes Workbook and online classroom
  • Morning and Afternoon tea provided (face to face)
  • Discounts for group bookings
  • Limited enrolments per state


Individual Sessions


For More Information

Click Here for more information on The Work of Byron Katie and resources


Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet

Additional information

Loving What Is Booklet

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Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet

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