Sacred Circle by Robin Truman

Sacred Circle by Robin Truman

Well here we are now

We are all together

All gathered here

Like birds of a feather


We sit in a circle and call it sacred

Where we wait for the time

To hear our names read

Our emotions will rise

As we answer the call

Just knowing there’s pain

That lives in us all.


We know we feel disjointed

And we all want to BELONG

We want to feel wholesome

That’s why we come along


One by one, we are called to the chair

We sit in our place, and a little aware

That we are all very Nervous,

And we put on an act

Says a voice very mild

please tell me the facts

What ails you child?

What sets you back?


I speak of my parents

And things that occurred

Of pains that I carry

Which are often referred

To symptoms of ailments

And all the other

Which are frequent and often

When referred to my mother

Well,… let’s see how to help

You could still refuse

But let’s see where it goes

So I’d like you to choose


When you look out at those

To be called on to play

So, now go and select

And see what they say


I step in the circle and I walk all around

I look at the faces that are all astound

I take my time, for I need to know

Are you the right one? Then if so,


I’d like you to be my Mother,

And you to be my Dad

I’d like you to be my Brother

And will you be, the Childhood

That I never had

As the session proceeds, more reps appear

With looks on faces, so very sincere

And in these figures, I see the pain

As all this energy, flows through veins

They take on roles, and play their part

And the story unfolds, for me to start


To see where it leads, where it all began

From here right back, And well past my nan

From her mum and from hers, It was never said

Just what occurred, with all those long dead


Now the therapist moves, and studies the scene

As it seems to unfold like a trilogy

And moves around players

To find what beholds,

Who is missing? what’s left untold?


What’s happening here?

What are you feeling?

I see you’re disturbed

What is it’s meaning?


You look so intense,

and It seems overwhelming

You display it with tears

I see that you’re hurting


“I did wrong, I hurt them!”

The player blurts out

“I just left them all

When I should have stood stout!”

“I abandoned my children, I left them for dead,

Another mans image got into my head “


“And what happens here” the question is asked

Of one other player representing the past

“I’m of the same age, and I feel it too

I’ve felt abandoned and left in the poo

I wasn’t loved, she didn’t know how

She just left home, not making a sound

Now I’m a toddler, no mother around”


I see now, why my body was aching

It was never attended, no actions were taken

They just buried it, inside their head

And continued along, While They all just bled,


From the burden they carried, Which, remained unknown

To all those that followed, It was passed on down

In the form of an energy, on its journey within

Passed, undetected, Without even a whim


So now we come forward, and it’s time to address

All this confusion, and all of this mess

I’ve taken on energy, from troubles carried forward

Where deep in my soul, it’s been lodged untoward

It seems obvious now, that it’s where we should start

To remove all this pain, from my soul, and my heart


So here we are mum, here we are two

The moment of truth, I’ve carried this for you

It’s been with me, much longer than it should

I now hand it back, in belief that it could

Work towards helping me, at the very minimum

To then re- establish, all equilibrium


Please take it now, it belongs to you!

The release that I seek, begins to ensue

It comes in a rush, I have no control

I sob and I sob, and it cleanses my soul


I bury my head, in the lap of another

That wonderful one, representing my mother

I’m held for a long time, and it feels so sublime

I begin to recover this hurt heart of mine


The session is finished, and it needs to be said

to thank all the reps for all that they did

thank you sincerely, I now feel rid

of the burden I carried, that kept itself hid


I now look to the future

and think of the time

when I can help nurture

all the clients of mine

as I engage in this work

with a good understanding

of the principles and tools

for the client’s expanding


I practice it now in my working station

As I listen intently with plenty of patience

For some that I see, it seems hocus pocus

As I sit with another and use my soft focus

I see family behind them, not wanting to part

And I hold equal space for them in my heart


I continue to study, to grow and expand                                                               ,

To increase my knowledge so that I can

Help establish for men, a men’s program.


But I won’t stop there, I can assure you of that

I want to help children, not leave them flat,

To allow them to be, kids, uninhibited

Free of the trauma and un medicated.

The kids are the future, they should be unscarred

To become healthy adults, and tomorrows STARS


I need to conclude, but I want you to know

That I want to help others, and this is so.

With the best of intention

I now take the time

To thank you for listening

To this prose of mine

it translated itself

It was from inspiration

And along with myself

became my presentation.



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  • Roy Kassab

    Beautifully written, eloquent description of the Family Constellation experience

    • Robin Truman

      Thanks Roy, I really appreciate your comment !


    So lovely to relive this, Rob.

    • Robin Truman

      Thanks Roy, I really appreciate your comment !

    • Robin Truman

      Thank You so much Naomi, it pleases me that you like it!

  • Robin Truman

    Thank You so much Naomi, it pleases me that you like it!

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