The Feelings Series: Simple Exercises

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The Feelings Series: Simple Exercises

No one teaches us how to be with feelings. At the moment you maybe finding yourself very discombobulated, overwhelmed, grieving and distraught. This series is aimed at guiding you through these feelings and more with simple techniques.

Episode 1: Direct Experience

This episode outlines how the mind creates resistance to a feeling by looking outwards to find the solution, thereby sustaining the feeling. A simple technique of directly experiencing the feeling means that  fear, anxiety, anger can all be experienced in to bring us back to our natural state of calm, open, and aliveness.

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  • Mary Holdsworth

    Thanks Brenda this is excellent for these altering times we’re experiencing 😊

    • Brenda Sutherland

      Thank you Mary I hope it helped, we have more coming!

  • Aquila

    Very well explained, thank you, this clarifies the power of the soul being untouched by feelings when we surrender and centre, letting go of resistance. Thank you

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