Life Never Gives Up On You

Life Never Gives Up On You

Life Never Gives Up On Hearing Our Yearning
What would it take for you to believe in magic again?Late last year I had an experience whilst travelling interstate for a very brief time, where I met someone, it was an unusual experience, one that shocked both of us throughout the day we spent together, as we realised the person standing in front of us was all we had asked for. I had a list!! You see, I had had this deep yearning for a long time to be met in a way that deeply nourished the person I am. It was a moment of seeing oneself in another, beyond the minds list, or an idea of how it should look like or plans for the future. 
We laughed, had incredible adventures, shared stories, ate great food, swam naked in rivers and the sea, snuggled and read by the fire, danced until we couldn’t, walked in rainforests, along sea cliffs, in heathlands and talked, asked deeply personal questions of the other and made love……

Yet what astonished me the most was that my deepest yearning had been heard!
Even if I felt I had given up on believing, life never did.

It was a big wake up call for me as to how much I had given up on believing in the magic and what I need to do to nourish hope in my life again.

It has been a very rough road, like many of you have experienced, over the last couple of years and part of me had lost hope, lost my vision, lost my dreaming.

I was reminded that life never gives up hearing our hearts yearning.

Another example of this is, a couple of days after Christmas, I met a very distressed young man on the streets asking me to buy cigarettes for him as he was too young. He needed more than cigarettes. I stopped to really see this man who was sleeping on the streets and acknowledged it looked like he needed more than cigarettes, that he needed a hug to start with, he agreed. After a huge hug, tears and his shaking subsiding a little, I took him home to have breakfast together and hang out with my family for the day. He beat my son at chess and us all at pool!
Throughout the day I would simply sit and talk with him to find out more about him, no agenda, no hurry, just curious. I just wanted him to feel safe again. At the end of the day we drove him to his friends to sleep for the night, checked in with his mum so she knew where he was. Subsequently he has resolved things with his mum and living back at home.What I was deeply reminded of was my own struggle as a mum and my son’s struggle in this young man. I could see my own life in his situation and I believed that the situation could change, as I had been there and knew given support this too shall pass. I could be his little bit of magic for that day. 

We are all simply walking each other home in some way.
How can we begin to really see another in ourself and each other, to feel what is needed? What would it take us to feel deep empathy towards each other and take action? 

Therefore my goal for 2022 is to nourish dreaming again, love, passion, poetry, art, spontaneity, hope for living, to reclaim the magic from the heart.

What would it take to believe in your dreams again, to give them room, to nurture them, know they are heard and trust the rest will take care of itself? 


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  • Kathdaisymorris

    Thankyou for such openness and honesty. I loved reading those stories!

  • Carrol Rowsell

    Wow what an amazing interstate experience! Sounds like it could be made into a movie. I must say I am intrigued as to if this continued or if it was a small memory making snippet of time that was fulfilling but had and expiry date. I imagine it would be hard to let that go but that you would be grateful to have experienced it regardless.

    • Brenda Sutherland

      It was a truly wonderful experience for a time

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