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    Our piston rod and mud pump intermediate rod are forged from alloy steel. After heat treatment, the product has higher strength and better performance. The product is processed by numerical control.The surface treatment is galvanized, nickel-plated or chrome-plated.Different requirements of customers with full capacity.
    My company production of piston rod, dielectric rod and the middle rod, made from alloy steel casting, and the strength of the products after heat treatment, product by the nc machining, the surface treatment products are galvanized decorative chromium, can meet the different requirements of customers, triplex mud pump piston rod is made of high quality alloy steel material, and carry on the strict heat treatment and mechanical processing, model complete specifications, the surface can be galvanized or boiled black handle, duplex mud pump piston rod, resistant to corrosion, high density, low wear and tear of the surface, reduce the deformation of the sealing filler, prolong the service life of the sealing sleeve and the piston ring.The piston rod is also fitted with a sturdy nut.
    1.The intermediate/extension rod is the critical part for the power end outlet of the mud pump.
    The larger end connects the crosshead and the smaller one connects the piston rod through the clamp.
    Its excircle is sealed by the two-lip seal and o ring in the stuffing box.
    2.The blank of intermediate/extension rod is 45 steel forging.
    The excircle went through hard chromium plating treatment. The roughness is Ra0.4.
    1. intermediate tie rod is one of the quick-wear parts of mud pump.
    2. It’s easy to confirm the product according to the brand and model of the pump. And it’s drawing No. is unique.
    3. Small size, reliable performance, easy-maintain.
    4. Rich production experience in this industry, enjoy a good reputation.
    Apply to F500, F800, F1000, F1300, F1600 Mud Pump Accessories.China Mud Pump Crosshead Assembly