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    Mucilage glue mosquito trapper
    Environment-friendly & User-friendly Design: The Mosquito Killer features chemical-free, odor-free, and no poison, no radiation, suitable for baby & mom. It captures mosquitoes by safely physical methods. And with ultra- Quiet design, make sure your family have a good sleep.
    – Perfect for outdoor activities like hiking /hunting/fishing or camping under the stars.
    – Comes with a retractable hook, a removable lampshade and plastic cage to protect you from touching the inner wire.
    – Comes with a Micro USB cable, using it to connect with AC Adaptor, laptop, PC, Powerbank etc.
    Our Service
    1 . Shipment and sample quality tracking includes lifetime.
    2 . Any small problems of our product will be solved at the most prompt time.
    3 . Quick response, all your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours.Sticky Mosquito Fly Killer Lamps