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    1. Test the shoes ‘ conformity. The bottom and color of the shoe glue in particular. The toe and shoe surface are adhered to in three ways: one is stitched by a thread and the other is sticked with a strong glue. The third is: the stitching and the glue are used. No matter the yeezy imitation form of high quality, the sole and upper are paired. Carefully note the location, state and relation between these sections of the heel, toe and foot curve of the pair.

    ua yeezy

    2. The manual touching system measures the handling properties of the inner liner and sole that are in direct contact with the sole and sole. The foot will be sore if the inside of the shoe contains folds and inconsistencies. If the fabric and connector sections are rough, the wire nodes scrape the feet; if the bolts are not bolted, sometimes the insole is installed and the shoes become uncomfortable to wear.

    3. To test the rebound and stiffness of the leather push the head of the shoe with the palm. It breaks instantly if it is too weak. False yeezys shoes of such high quality are not healthy. Pick any elasticity socks.

    4, the life of the feet, be cautious, to note bending of the heel, in particular bending the corresponding portion of the toe base.

    5. The feet of children and young children are very sensitive and develop quickly. These are vulnerable to deformity when the feet are twisted or strained, so be vigilant to buy shoes: don’t wear pricey shoes for life. Great for buying shoes at Chinese markets with cheaper yeezys, but great for removing as soon as possible. Since the feet of the children grow fast, a pair of shoes will move every 2 or 3 months.