We Belong By Sanya Minocha

We Belong By Sanya Minocha


Each member of the family
Each part of the puzzle
All look and seem so different,
so separate
There is an order to the chaos.
There is a reason we exist within the system
Crossing webs, all over the world
— An invisible thread ties us together —
Energy binds us together
Like glue, westicktogether // Out of loyalty, out of respect.
But not always in this realm
This realm, we go about our own lives –
Never quite recognising the impact of our systemic roots.Till one fine day,  a member of the family finally stops running.
In pain
She acknowledges herself – the bearer of a symptom.
Feeling joy,  she acknowledges the system.
A split second later, she realises;
We belong.

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  • Leena Menon

    I love the “westicktogether”. You are the glue that holds the Menon family together!

  • Seabright.enterprises

    Beautiful, Sanya.

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