Our programs bring together up to date organisational psychology techniques and systemic processes. Employers and Managers are often left scratching their heads as to why certain interventions do not work, or the hidden dynamics as to what prevents a product or service being successful. These hidden organisational dynamics are highlighted through these cutting edge techniques (Organisational Constellations) widely used in Europe, USA and Asia, whilst presenting possible solutions to maximize cohesiveness, team empowerment and successful organisational operations. The Awakening Group further supports group cohesiveness through providing staff training in effective communication (non-violent communication), to identify needs to align the team.

Whether it is launching a new product or service, mergers, staff selection and their effect on the system, or looking to identify the causes of organizational breakdown, staff or customer loss, our techniques are the new corporate intelligence that really make the difference to the whole system.

Companies such as BP, Microsoft, Bank of Melbourne etc already utilise these techniques and enjoy the global benefits.

The New Corporate Intelligence: Organisational Constellations

Organisational Constellations support the right movements in business! OC highlights hidden dynamics undermining the success of business. Whether you are choosing a new career, launching a new product, identifying the cause of conflict or low team morale, the effects of mergers on the overall success of the company or want to know how customer view aspects of your business – whatever the issue, seeing it through this phenomenological approach means you are equipped with information that is invaluable making transitions easeful.

We invite you to firstly have a Individual Consultation to identify your needs. Secondly fill out an Organisational Questionnaire. Thirdly have an Organisational Constellation (in house, in person, or online) conducted particular to the issues, stakeholders identified. Fourthly enjoy the support of a follow-up mentoring session to support the insights gained from the constellation and how to bring these into practice.


Reactive vs Creative Facilitator: Use conflict resolution to create dynamic teams

We have all experienced the stress caused by unresolved conflicts with our co-workers, staff and management. Whether the conflict is between a particular pair or more widespread throughout your group, this conflict impedes the clear transfer of information required for successful business. Conflicts that are ignored or resolved badly don’t go away – they cause people to feel resentful and to avoid each other, resulting in dynamics that undermine an organisations such as loss in productivity, absenteeism, and high staff turnover.

Often it is as much the reactive strategies put into place in reaction to the conflicts that is creating the problems. We understand conflict to be normal, even critical to a teams growth and success. The Conflict Resolution program addresses the heart of the problem with mid-level managers and first line supervisors learning a No-lose method of Conflict resolution that enhances relationships, boosts productivity and resolves conflicts. So rather than simply ‘resolve’ conflict we enable you to utilise it for better business practice whilst bringing the team together.

Within this one day in house program participants learn:

* A proven six-step method for resolving conflicts

* How to listen and express needs and problems openly without blaming, shaming, criticism or finger pointing

* How to identify conflicts in the workplace

* How to become a mediator between team members

* Facilitating conflict to encourage creative solutions

The Authentic Communicator: Leadership Effectiveness Training for Employers and Managers

Leadership requires a large array of skills to manage people, their uniqueness and needs bringing them together as a team. Develop the skills to:

* Identify each team members skills, needs and values

* Clear Team purpose

* Mediate meetings to ensure everyone is on board

* Develop team cohesiveness, even in the midst of conflict

* Cultivate creativity and ideas generation

* Skilfully handle distracting or disturbing behaviour so that meetings are not sabotaged

* Skilfully move from Reactive to Creative Facilitator

* Create a free, more creative team discussions by facilitating a safe environment to say the ‘edgy’ and difficult things

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