Diploma in Holistic Counselling [2023]


Diploma in Holistic Counselling [2023]

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Diploma of Holistic Counselling

The Diploma is designed to end suffering through embodying these dynamic counselling skills in student’s own lives and in their practices. (Online & face to face options now available)

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The Diploma of Holistic Counselling course began in 2008 due to demand from students wanting to deepen their learnings gained from the Certificate of Holistic Counselling course.

For all health practitioners, therapists, counsellors, caring professionals, or persons whose hearts desire is to discover the truth in who we are and support others to do the same. Deepen your own personal practice through honesty, responsibility and compassion. For all health practitioners and therapists, caring professionals, or persons interested in enlightening their experience of life.

This is a unique opportunity to create in-dependence (self mastery). From this position true healing happens both personally and as a professional. Our holistic approach ensures transformation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually thus manifesting your vision of life naturally.

The Diploma course is aimed at transforming practitioner’s personal patterns and experience of Self, enabling deeper insights, understanding and experience of the true nature of healing and Self. This enables practitioners to truly facilitate clients personal transformation from the depth of knowing and experiencing the divinity of themself.


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Course Content

The Diploma of Holistic Counselling includes 9 modules over 18 months, 7 study groups, 2 private consultations, course manual, 100 hour community volunteer placement, online classroom resources, 30 hour Effectiveness Training program, pair projects, mentoring webinars & certificates given on successful completion.



Part 1: The Big Picture

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days The Big Picture: How we align with reality How You Manifest: Thought embraced by emotion Mapping one’s Lifestream: Identifying issues & their point of creation Aligning self judgment - Bringing our Projections home Moving beyond the past to the present. Being the future. Creating Your Day: Developing Mastery Soul communication: Laying the foundations to learning to trust oneself Who Am I Really beyond the thoughts: Freedom from our neuroses Mapping Emotional Addiction Direct Experience: Surrendering to the gestalt of feelings, pain and suffering

Part 2: Healing The Wounded Healer

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 Days Role of parents in psychological development ACE: Adverse Childhood Experience key components Attachment styles: Understanding and what to look for Neuroplasticity and the role of holistic counselling Acknowledging Needs Developing Empathy: Moving from past to future using art and movement therapies Working with Internal archetypes: Inner Child, Adult Self, Wise self Connecting with inner child, journeying to recreate a supportive inner reality Working with anger, grief, sense of obligation, fear etc Direct experience: aligning the pain body - turning anguish into bliss Unmasking and embracing the shadow self Aligning personal issues to experience the peace and truth of self Finding your place for support in your lineage

Part 3: The Work of Byron Katie Part I, II & Advanced

Trainer: Rosie Stave 6 days (2 weekends, 1 Advanced day and two evenings) The Work of Byron Katie –The Great Undoing: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life. Time magazine called it: Four Questions to Inner Peace “An unquestioned mind is the world of suffering” Byron Katie Learning and Experiencing the Inquiry The New Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet, Judge Your Body Worksheet, One Belief at A Time Worksheet The Worksheet 4 questions and turnarounds Literal Listening The Gift of Criticism Working with Difficult clients - keeping them on track Saying "No" or "Yes" who is it your have difficulties with saying how it it Doing The Work on personal stories of self, the body, relationships, stressful events etc Stressful Events: What are our motives?

Part 4: Physically Speaking I & II

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days Your Disease is keeping you healthy: Speaking to illness and letting illness speak to you Creative Ways of working with illness A Holistic Approach to dis-ease with case studies Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Stress, Depression Biology Becomes Biography: Energy Psychology Case studies and working with illnesses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Dissolution and Freedom Technique Introducing Somatic Experiencing (working with Trauma in the body developed by Peter Levine) Developing energetic boundaries in relation to trauma Resourcing a Client to work with trauma Memory Reconstruction: Reclaiming Lost Selves Neuroscience Working with Health and Wellbeing using Systemic Constellations

Part 5: Effective Communication Training

Trainer: Cate Crombie Personal Empowerment developed by Dr Thomas Gordon & Linda Adams 2 days in Certificate & 5 x 6 hours sessions 9am - 5pm The Therapeutic Relationship Introduction & practice of counselling skills: Learning the helping Skills Problem ownership 12 Roadblocks to Communication Active Listening: Lead Ins, Common Mistakes Empathic Listening - identifying the needs Assertiveness skills: I Messages: Declarative, Confrontative, Preventative, Positive Win Win Conflict Resolution: Method III Problem Solving Feelings and Needs Inventory Developing empathy using micro-skills Identifying the Issue(s) through Active listening Learning to Identify and meet Personal Needs Goal setting

Part 6: Family / Systemic Constellations

Trainer: Catherine Ingram-Silver , Brenda Sutherland 6 days Introduction to the Principles of Family Constellation, by Bert Hellinger. Key components of Family Constellation work: Family History, The Family Soul, Orders of Love, Function of Conscience, Belonging, Balance of Giving & Taking, Fate, Those Who Come First come First. Movements of the Soul. Developing Open Focus to read the family history in the body. Family of Origin. Personal Constellations - Experience being a representative, part of the holding circle and insights. Experience this phenomenological approach through being a representative. Somatic Imaging developed by Dr Jane Peterson. Address issues such as adoption, abuse, illness, belonging and much more.

Part 7: Creative Counselling I & II

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days Creative visualization: a simple and powerful tool reconnecting sub-personalities ie: wise self, sensual self, inner child, sexuality etc. Linking Systemic Constellations with Creative Visualization with art therapy, props, figurines and other techniques for one to one sessions Working with deep respect for the client and their fate Helping in Harmony Developing Open Focus to include all signals: words, breath, movements, Soma Learn how to create a healing visualization Trust yourself as a counselor through: Connecting with Inner Guides Soul Communication Meditation Spiritual Cleansing Technique Working with Archetypes: Adult/inner child/ Soul/wise selves Strengthening our Relationship with Life by meeting Death (Structural Constellations) Facilitating clients from Secondary movements to a Primary movement Interrupted reaching out (IROM) - symptoms, effect of, and working to resolve Setting up Constellations: Hands on experience for individual sessions

Part 8: Love, Sex & Relationships I & II

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days Initiation of the Senses: Awakening Ones Sensual Self Enhancing Intimacy (In to Me See) in relationships The Language of the Masculine & Feminine in Relationship & Balancing them within Systemic Principles governing relationships Meeting in Love: A Return to Innocence, a new way of connecting sexually without the goals Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) Components: Arousal Regulation, Neuroscience and Attachment Theory in pair bonding Managing Thirds Enlivening and learning about sexual energy in the body: Transforming sexual energy into meditation Linking systemic work with internal sexual roles and archetypes Working with Sexual/Sensual/Feminine/Masculine selves to bring about balance Healing Sexual Abuse Trauma: Systemic dynamics, working with to return to innocence Relationships including topics such as Marriage, Separation and grief, children, adoption, abortion, miscarriages etc Attachment Styles and working with them in relationships Working with sexual energy from a Tantric Perspective

Part 9: The Emerging Counsellor I & II

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 2 days The Intuitive Approach Client Questionnaire and Interviewing process Ethics, case management, supervision Who Am I Beyond the Story and Processes? Defining Oneself and Intention as a Counsellor Transference and Countertransference Values and Morals influencing how a counsellor relates to the client Boundaries, Dependency (Counsellor and Client), and Counsellor Congruence Breaks and Endings Ethical Decision Making process

Part 10: Attachment

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland 1 day (online) From Foetus to Intimate Relationships Identifying Attachment Styles: Avoidant-Anxious, Ambivalent-Anxious, Angry-Resistant, Secure, Disorganised. Neuroscience of Attachment ACE scores and Attachment Experiencing Secure Functioning Couples Co-dependency Myth Cultivating a Holding Environment Naming, Claiming, Taming Connection Exercises

Study groups

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland Sessions with for 3 hours x 7 Questions and Answers More exercises and deepening of previous unit taught Experiential exercises, case discussion, and opportunity to do personal work Relationship Project presentations Assignment presentations Further webinars are done via Webinars with Diploma students

Student Clinic

Trainer: Brenda Sutherland Provides supervision for students beginning to work with clients

Peer Group Supervision

Peer Group Supervision (Buddy groups) Provides ongoing peer supervision for case study discussions Practice exercises and modalities New information and research shared amongst peers Personal issues effecting being a counsellor. In class as well as Skype sessions are available Join The Awakening Group facebook group Webinar series





  • Melbourne/Online course starts on 5th February 2023
  • Brisbane course starts on 3rd March 2023 – combination of face to face and online
  • There are 3 units which can be joined that are credited to the Diploma: The Work of Byron Katie, Family Constellations and Effectiveness Training online. CLICK HERE for details.


  • $6995 GST incl., full course cost (paid over 12 months)
  • $6795 earlybird price if paid in full before 1st January 2023 (VIC) or 1st February 2023 (QLD)
  • A $350 non-refundable deposit secures your place for the full cost. Please note payments are subject to The Awakening Group terms and conditions.
  • The cost includes classes, study groups, maunal, little Loving What is booklet, online library access, student library with books, DVDs, CDs, Effectiveness Training workbook, certificate, two individual sessions, mentoring etc.
  • 7 extra individual sessions are required with a number of the trainers at approx $120 – $135 ea.
  • Course texts below cost approximately: $180 – $200 although a limited number are available to borrow from library


  • Online Course via Live Webinars in Zoom Rooms
  • Melbourne: Combination of LIVE online webinars and face to face workshops in  Brunswick (see calendar under Additional information)
  • Brisbane Bardon Counselling and Natural Therapy Centre, 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon & LIVE online webinars

 Introductory Course Webinar

 Learning Activities

  • Case studies, 2 x 7 day Take home Review questions, Class presentations (10 minute & peer project), autobiography & unit review questions, audio recordings, journal writing, 100 hour community placement


  • International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) – membership & insurance in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Gibraltar.
  • Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association: AHHCA accredited – membership & insurance available see www.ahha.org
  • Effectiveness Training accredited with ETIA Ltd
  • The course is over 800 hours training over 18 months – 2 years.
  • The Diploma in Holistic Counselling is independently accredited and is not Australian government accredited.

Student Testimony

Text books

Cost is approximately $180 – $220 for text books. Students may borrow books from our student library.


Additional information

Pay in Full

Pay the full amount for the class upfront, rather than paying monthly & save $200. Offered in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Payment Plan

Payments are run over 12 months via Direct Debit system, which is set up by the College, once the non-refundable deposit is paid of $350. Monthly cost is $553.75 per month unless negotiated. Offered in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Class Start Dates

5th February 2023 in Online/Melbourne, 3rd March 2023 in Brisbane.

Downloadable Documentation

[Course Prospectus](https://awakening.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Prospectus-2023.pdf)

Downloadable Documentation 2

[Course Calendar for Online, QLD & VIC 2023](https://awakening.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2023-Course-Calendars-OnlineVIC-QLD.pdf)

40 reviews for Diploma in Holistic Counselling [2023]

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  1. Nicola Downey

    Life affirming and life enhancing. A great experience and structured to make the most of your own time and input

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  2. Ellen Taylor

    The Diploma in Holistic Counselling created a space of true safety. One where every participant was able to show up and be their most authentic self and be welcomed, held and nurtured by the group. This course moves to encourage you to reflect deeply within yourself and find your true Self, to go down the path of inquiry and to find the answers we spend our lives looking for. It empowers each person to strip back the layers we build up over time to come back to our true nature and connect and form a strengthening bond with Self. Along this personal journey of rediscovery the course also equips its participants with tools that are very effective and strengthening. These tools provide true healing in a place of love and nurturing, leaving each client to step out of old patterns or break free of limiting behaviours.
    I am forever grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the course and looking forward to taking this work into the community. Thank you Brenda & all in the Awakening Group team who continue to make this place as amazing as it is.

    (6) (0)
  3. Rosemary Meads

    The Diploma of Holistic Counselling with The Awakening Group offers students a deep journey on three levels, in a safe and nurturing environment.
    1. Personal Growth – students ( especially in year 1 ) are encouraged to apply all they are learning to their own personal development, whilst being supported, nurtured, held and counselled. I was so ready for this opportunity I opened myself fully and engaged in a process that stripped away layer upon layer of stories and self-defeating beliefs and behaviours, until I came face to face with my essential self. I have been able to rebuild into a woman with confidence, self-awareness, courage and open honesty that has benefited all my key relationships and has enabled me to live in a way that honours my needs – what a gift !
    2. Modalities – On offer is an extraordinary range of training and modalities ranging from Somatic Experiencing, Systemic Constellations Work, Psych Ed and the latest in practices where Ancient knowledge combines with the latest in Neuro science.
    3. Application – In year two you put it all together, bringing your new self, your knowledge and all you have learnt into practice with Clients as Case Studies – all the while supported by fellow students and extremely experienced practitioners and mentors.
    Graduates of The Awakening Group and their clients benefit through a heart felt relationship as ‘Fellow travelers’ that meets the client where they are and ensures the client is fully resourced on their therapeutic journey.

    (4) (0)
  4. Sandra Meagher

    The Diploma of Holistic Counselling course has been life changing for me. The information presented in the course has expanded my understanding to such a degree that I can’t even remember who I was two years ago. The techniques learnt in this course can get to the heart of the problem quite quickly helping the individual connect more easily to their deeper truth which is always there.
    The learning environment is open and supportive where every student is held in love and honoured for their individual journey. This creates a safe space for students to share, explore and uncover the blocks preventing them from experiencing the true nature of their being. This then enables students to step out as counsellors who are very self aware, giving the gift of clear presence to their clients.

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  5. Jenny Gruenhut

    The Diploma of Holistic Counselling course has been transformational!.
    The first year particularly was an incredible journey of self-realisation, dropping stories that didn’t serve, learning amazing (many cutting edge) counselling techniques and creating wonderfully strong connections with fellow students, whilst being supported, nurtured and counselled by the teaching faculty using modalities taught on the course so we could see their practical application and results.
    The techniques used in this course are holistic – integrating body, mind and soul so support the healing of the whole and enabling deeper insights. The addition of weekend immersions in The Work of Byron Katie and Family Constellations take understanding of counselling techniques to a new level.
    Many of us on the course had suffered some or many traumas in childhood or adolescence and it was wonderful to feel and witness the healing taking place over the duration of the course as students bloomed and flourished with the modalities being studied.
    I found the learning environment to be a safe, open, trustworthy and supportive and one where every student is respected and honoured for their individual journey. Those who complete the Diploma course are able to progress into counselling roles with self-awareness, empathy, compassion and the ability to facilitate personal transformation for clients from the expanse of knowing and experiencing the healing spirit in themselves.

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  6. Amy Doyle

    This course, the Certificate of Holistic Counselling has changed my life. Words cannot do this course or the facilitators justice. For the first time in a long time I feel alive and that my life is my own. Instead of hoping and pushing for these feelings, they now sit comfortably within me. The last year was a complete roller coaster, some of the highest and lowest moments of my life, but for the first time I had tools to help me understand myself, my needs, my feelings, what was mine.

    I highly recommend this course for anyone who is feeling lost and seeking connection and depth in their life. For anyone who wants to be a more compassionate understanding human. And for anyone who has a desire to help others on their journeys to heal, understand, love and accept.

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  7. Julie Santall (verified owner)

    Having completed the first modules of year one of the diploma I can honestly say that anything i thought I knew about myself has been completely reviewed and revised. through honest self work, deep learning and an assembling of tools i can personally use in my own life I can say that I can move forward into my next role with more confidence to help others find the parts of themselves they have neglected or rejected.
    The course has helped me to deeply appreciate where I have come from, the importance of my ancestors in my current life and the means with which to repair the relationships within my own family.
    I really appreciated the learning regarding the latest in quantum physics and spirituality with psychology and how it all fits together. I have made some great friends and have shared some deep feelings in a secure and safe environment with no judgement. A truely enlightening experience which has challenged me in all ways.
    Thank you to Brenda and the team for providing a map for the path I am on. Together we can be the change we want to see in ourselves, in the world.

    (4) (0)
  8. Bridget Lowndes

    Deciding to do the Diploma of Holistic Counselling was the greatest gift I have ever given myself and the flow on effect with family, friends and colleagues has been amazing and still ongoing. The depth and comprehensiveness of this course continues to astound me. It has touched every aspect of my life and has been such a journey of healing and self discovery beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. The content has reinforced my prior learnings and taken them to a new level of understanding and a depth of comprehension that is now embedded in my core. And the beautiful connections with facilitators and fellow students alike provide a safe, nurturing and very supportive environment for the many wondrous and deep transformations and growth that takes place. I feel totally blessed for having being able to be a part of such a wondrous and fulfilling course/journey and so grateful to all those who make it possible. I cannot speak highly enough about this course and all its components and strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to work in “helping” professions or just seeking a deeper understanding and compassion for human life and its interconnectedness. Bless you Brenda for your dedication to Awakening our souls to the healing that is always available. “It takes one Thought, followed by one Step, to begin your unique Journey”…I have just begun – THANK YOU

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  9. Lisa Macfarlane

    This course has exceeded my expectations and more. A truly profound and powerful experience in self-discovery!

    (3) (0)
  10. Robin Truman

    I marvel at the depth and power of this course. Firstly the structure is so professional, from timetable to provision and delivery of material, to student support, mentoring and encouragement. I am so impressed. As a venue for self discovery, awareness and healing this course provides the necessary tools, instructors and material for a fellow student to begin or continue their own soulful awakening journey, in addition to training the individual through to a competent well trained counsellor. I have enjoyed the journey, I cherish the support and friendship gained from and with fellow students. My thanks to Brenda and her dedicated team for maintaining and delivering a very high standard and quality course.

    (1) (0)
  11. Roy Kassab (verified owner)

    What a journey..life changing…I have learned and experienced so much during this course.

    (1) (0)
  12. Jody Shaw

    As the name indicates, this course was a true awakening for me. I went in thinking I would be taught how to DO holisitc counselling. What I learned was how to BE a holistic counsellor. The personal growth and understanding of myself cannot be described in a review. It has given me the tools and awareness to really look at who I am. It taught me that how my BEING is what really offers the stable foundation for truly supporting clients by experiencing our own growth first. It has had an enormous positive ripple effect on my family and my first year into it a lot of people I know were commenting that they had seen a complete transformation in me. If I look back to who I was the day I walked into the course, it is like I don’t know that person. It is so hard to describe in few words but I highly recommend it. It gives me great hope that this learning is here for future counsellors because being with a counsellor who has awareness like what is taught here is a much safer place for the ones looking for help. The teachers are amazing, the content is fascinating and refined in just the right way to cover what we need most to keep client’s safe while we travel WITH them. This is not just a course, it is a journey of awakening.

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  13. Amy Doran

    Having nearly completed my Diploma in HC I can say that this course has been life changing. There has been no other institute that has provided me the plethora of grounded knowledge, practical tools, lessons and resources to integrate my unfolding self. Challenging me to meet my edges, push through the facades of my psyche, meet myself with gentleness and compassion, trust the wisdom of the knowing body, honour the greatness of my ancestral lineage and gasp in awe at the vastness of this limitless world we live in.
    This course is not fluffy. It ties together scientific knowledge, quantum physics, epigenetics, spiritual approaches, meditation, art and movement to really connect you back to the wholeness that you are, so you can enable your clients to do the same. I’ve seen huge shifts in my case study clients already, which has given me the confidence and trust to take this work out into the world, with grounded awareness.
    Thank you Brenda and the rest of the team at the awakening group for this opportunity. Without a doubt, I HIGHLY recommend making this investment for your own well being, and the gift of service in the world.

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  14. mariahgrieve

    I didn’t have any idea of what I am enrolling into. At first I was scared to think I was going to be a counsellor. Once I started the Diploma, I couldn’t believe what I had come across. I have NEVER in my entire life had such profound insights into why I am the way I am and how to understand myself. Each and every process has been so transformative for me. I have made shifts that I never thought I would have. I can slowly and organically see the fearful and scared identity I create to survive as a child, fall away and am opened up to a newly created me, with all the sides and condiments and the cherry on top! I have learned how to accept myself and all the different parts of me. I have learned to acknowledge the darker parts of me just as much as the lighter parts and this process has caused be to become more balanced. I have been able to give myself permission to be a H U M A N B E I NG and that is the greatest gift I could have ever been gifted! Studying the Diploma has been a highlight in my short 24 years. I have been able to heal myself, learn about myself, help myself, help my family, help my friends and dealt with issues head on with so much internal support instead of making people to do for myself. I have discovered so many things I have been avoiding to deal with certain issues out of fear and lack of knowledge for so many years and this course has helped me to see these issues in my own time and deal with them in an empowered, positive way and its LITERALLY changing my life.
    If you are someone who wants to really look at yourself and make a change in whatever way you want, this course will provide you with becoming all that you truly are, and can’t see quite yet. For emotional strength, clear communication, letting go of the past, loss and grief. Being more loving and compassionate to yourself and others. Looking after your inner child and ALL THE REST. Its for you. Its a beautiful, insightful and emotional. I am so proud of who I am and so grateful and blessed for Brenda and the diploma, AND the people for stepping into my life.

    (4) (0)
  15. jogibb74 (verified owner)

    This course has been everything I have been looking for in my quest for liberation over the last 15 years. I have been down other self help avenues, which have all had their affect in their own way, but this course has gotten to my very core. This course is the thick icing on the cake, a ‘One Stop Awakening Shop’, you don’t need extra pathways, Brenda has done all the hard work for you, its all here!
    I don”t feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark in life anymore. I feel brighter, lighter, calmer, in sync with my environment and the director of my own life. My family has grown with me, my relationships have deepened to a level I always dreamed of but never knew how to achieve it and the acceptance I feel for myself and others is a true gift.
    I’ve always wanted to help people feel happier and at peace with their lives. I now have the insight into why we do what we do, why we react and behave the way we do, I am now armed with the easy to learn tools to direct others to find their own answers and solutions and to spread more peace and harmony around the planet.
    This course provides a safe and supported environment in which to learn, release old patterns and to truly grow, I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Brenda for bringing and sharing your wisdom, I will forever be grateful for my own personal growth and deepened love for everything.

    (2) (0)
  16. Elma (verified owner)

    Everyday I’m so grateful for what this course is showing me about myself, and what it takes to be a holistic counsellor. It’s been a great ride that I never expected, the benefits are not just for myself and my future career choices, but also for my family and friends. I’ve had lots of shifts and awareness of how I communicate with others,and taught the benefits of being a great listener. I feel honoured to have chosen doing this course, because I feel that we tap on so much information that is so current today! Like the ebb and flow of a river, I feel that I’m happy allowing this current of love, trust , safety and empathy to take me to where I’m meant to go. Words can’t really explain the depth of gratitude to everyone in this course and all my fellow students, who are now such beautiful true friends in my life. I’ve never felt so proud and yet so humble, Thx Brenda and all the team.

    (1) (0)
  17. Hannah

    This course has given me more than tools to use with clients, it has given me a new way of living, a new way of looking at myself & my interactions with others. I can not only take these skills I have learnt out into the counselling world but also in my everyday life. Life changing is what I would use to describe The Awakening Group.

    (0) (0)
  18. Codie-Lea

    Having pretty much no clue what I was really signing up for, something inside me was guiding me to register for this course. I didn’t really know why at the time, but it is oh so clear now. I was yearning for connection and enquiry into myself, I just didn’t know how to do it on my own. The modalities and skills I have learnt over this past year have completely enhanced my relationships with others and myself. I really don’t know how else to explain the massive changes that have occurred within me. I will however say this, whether you are interested in self development or becoming a Holistic counsellor, you really can’t go wrong with this course. Either way you will finish this course feeling nurtured and empowered.

    (1) (0)
  19. belinda_vdm

    This course is amazing and mind-blowing! It is structured in such a way that you can expand your inner resources to go deeper and deeper into your psyche to heal yourself and rewire your brain. There is a good balance of theory (including plenty of science) and practical work. You learn different modalities for working with clients that you can also use on yourself. It is a life-changing journey, which expands your nervous system capacity, which will serve you in working with clients. The skills you learn help in all areas of life, especially in relationships. If you sign up be prepared to work and the more you put in the more you will get out of it. You are supported all along with counselling and your peer group. It is well worth the time, effort and money. This course is an invitation to find out who you really are, beyond the stories of the mind. It is deep, and truly holistic. I feel so nourished to have journeyed alongside my peers and know that many of these connections will last a lifetime. I am excited to be opening my own practice and feel well equipped to work in this area.

    (1) (0)
  20. Rosie Glover

    I feel extremely grateful for having been introduced to this Diploma of Holistic Counselling. It has changed the trajectory of my life on so many levels. The biggest being, how far it has taken me into the depths of my own human experience, providing me with tools, techniques and support to be able to go there in myself first and foremost, which in turn has given me the confidence to support clients as they do their inner work. This course would benefit people from all walks of life – those who are looking to deepen their own personal awareness, find empowerment and freedom, aspiring holistic counsellors as well as anyone already working as a therapist. Having seen other therapists over the years, I know first hand that the tools and techniques learnt throughout this course could be of huge benefit to therapists existing practice. Thank you to Brenda, fellow peers and all the other trainers who have journeyed along side one another over the last two years, I am forever changed by this profound internal transformation.

    (1) (0)
  21. rjryall

    I loved every minute of this Course. It was a complete awakening. I learnt so much about myself and at the same time established a small part time business for myself. The course is well structured and facilitated by very qualified professionals. I whole heartedly recommend this journey to anyone seeking growth, self awareness and a business opportunity.
    Thank you Brenda and all other Educators.
    Rhonda Lawson Holistic Counselling

    (0) (0)
  22. Emily Duncan

    This course has been so interesting and life changing in many ways. I have loved learning so many modalities and tools that are so profoundly effective. It has helped me understand myself and body mind connection in a way that makes so much sense to me now, and I feel so much more empowered as the creator of my life. It has provided the opportunity for self growth and self healing in ways I never imagined possible. And on top of this the opportunity to take this out into the world as a business opportunity is incredible! Thank you Brenda and everyone involved in making this journey possible.

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  23. lucy mcnulty

    My expectations for this course were truely blown out of the water. The decision to enrol has been one of my best yet! The wealth of knowledge delivered throughout the course is vast, and the way in which it is taught is practical and accessible. Brenda and the other Awakening Group teachers are truely gifted in not only what they do, but how they teach. This experience has opened so many beautiful doors to learning, support, friendship and inner enquiry – leading to self understanding and transformation that I am so grateful for. I can’t wait to see where this learning and opportunity will take me in the future. I will always be thankful to Brenda and the team at The Awakening Group! A wonderful and enlightening experience.

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  24. Toni

    I highly recommend doing this course if you are looking for a change. I have found this course to be very enlightening and life changing. Since starting I have seen an improvement in all areas of my life. Mainly in my relationship with my partner and my children. I have met some amazing people throughout the course and made some great connections. Thank you Brenda for making this possible.

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  25. jogibb74 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this course for everyone and anyone. There is no need to look anywhere else to delve inwards to find your SELF again, and to walk away with life changing modalities that direct future clients to their own truth, their own Self and their own way. I will be forever grateful for the friendships formed, the great teaching and the wisdom gained. Thankyou!

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  26. Elma (verified owner)

    When I started this course I thought I was learning how to be a holistic counsellor! Well in the process of learning that, I also learnt how to deal with my own issues, how to be a better person, how to treat my family & friends, how to be a better staff member, how to communicate with others, how to really look at myself with honesty and vulnerability, and in a nut shell how to really live life totally awake! I am so grateful every day that I have walked the path to do this course, my whole life has changed with the help of Brenda, Rosie, Celia and everyone that does such an amazing job running the course. I feel blessed and honoured to be a part of this wonderful group of fellow students, teachers and beautiful souls that have touched my heart in so many ways.

    (0) (0)
  27. karla.maclean

    I feel so grateful to have found this course. I have been looking for many years for a course that mirrored my beliefs and values and would teach me more deeply The Work of Byron Katie, Family Constellations, the mind, body, soul connection, backed with scientific research. The Diploma in Holistic Counselling has changed my life. I have tools and skills now to navigate my everyday life and support others. The self-healing work I have been able to do during this course has opened me up to a whole different way of being with and communicating with my family, friends and work colleagues. The support and guidance of the facilitators, Brenda Sutherland, Rosie Stave and Cate Crombie and the group of students are truly amazing. I feel such a deep bond and everlasting connection with my fellow students and I am grateful for the heart-opening experience throughout the last two years.

    (0) (0)
  28. Fumiko Sakai

    Many years ago , I wanted to heal and change myself .
    So I was looking for the place where I can attend a bundle of therapy workshop .
    Through Rosie Steve ( the therapist of The Work of Byron Katie ) , I found Holistic Counselling course in Awakening group .

    This course is so unique , it’s a jewel !
    Brenda creates safe , loving learning space in the class .
    it’s not only learning the theory and technique of counselling on the desk but we got learning through our healing experience .
    As I understood myself more , my relationship with my partner , family and to the community became much better . my self esteem came back and I am much happier person now .
    I am so glad to continued my study .
    Certificate class made me change and healed me a lot but I was more at
    client side ..
    as a second year student , I could hear what Brenda was showing and talking about .
    I have attended other Family constellation work shop but it was nothing like how Brenda facilitates . it’s truly amazing !
    And I am grateful that I could learn “ Effective communication “ by Kate . it’s so important and useful for every days life too .
    Thank you very much to Celia who has been supporting my online learning for 2 years !
    I am proud of myself I came this far . Wherever I go , I will carry the loving circle in Bardon .

    (0) (0)
  29. Chelsea Cameron

    This course has exceeded my expectations and assisted me in achieving personal goals with the help of Brenda and my amazing classmates. It’s such a unique course that provides you with so much helpful material, not only related to counselling but your own personal growth and learnings.

    (0) (0)
  30. Nicole Gorrick

    This course has been a god send to me. I came into this course looking for ways to serve and help people in the community, little did I know at the time of enrolment the change it would have on my own life.
    The trainers create a gentle, compassionate and safe space to learn and take you personally on the journey of self healing. I will forever hold so much gratitude for the difference Brenda and this course has made not only to me but to everyone who will benefit from what has been created here.

    (0) (0)
  31. Despoina Tsimitra (verified owner)

    This course is one of the biggest gifts I could offer to myself. I feel grateful that I’ve chosen it. Transformative content with amazing tools for self exploration and self love. A big thank you to all my teachers…

    (0) (0)
  32. Ebony Steele

    Completing the Certificate in Holistic Counselling has been a journey like no other with constant aha moments. I am so grateful for Brenda who has designed the content so you’re constantly learning and growing alongside your peers and teachers, it has felt like you’re a part of a community of people all working together. I highly recommend the course which is delivered with respect, humility, empathy and humour.

    (0) (0)
  33. Skye Bottero

    This course has brought incredible personal insights to who I am as opposed to who I thought I was. I was looking for something that was out of the ordinary in a counselling course and boy did I find it! This diploma is one of the most powerful things I have ever done, thank you to Brenda and all the teachers. I’m looking forward to the second year…

    (0) (0)
  34. lawrence maskill (verified owner)

    A powerful course that will challenge you to think about yourself differently – with greater compassion, insight and honesty. This course offers gifts for ourselves, and to offer others as counsellors. The teachers are deep-hearted, incredibly knowledgeable and generous in their sharing. The teaching and sharing spaces are beautifully contained safe spaces for exploration and growth. This course has far exceeded my expectations and I would absolutely recommend it for anyone ready for the journey towards helping others and personal growth.

    (0) (0)
  35. jessica blume

    I found this course really rewarding, it was rich in information and practical tools that i watched make a deep impact on myself and fellow students throughout the year. I chose to continue on to the diploma. I gained greater clarity around my own issues while gaining so much insight into the work of holistic counselling. I grew more and more passionate about the path I am on as the months went by and Brenda is truly such an inspirational teacher and mentor. Her confidence in what, to me felt like daunting situations, was truly inspiring to witness and over and over my mind was blown at the raw, beautiful, sometimes heart breaking and always deeply profound and healing experiences we all shared together in our classes. I honestly believe it has changed me for the better. Thank you and lots of love to my teachers and classmates on this journey.

    (0) (0)
  36. Wendygibney

    This has been an amazing journey and a great gift to myself. I know I’ll be able to help many others with the knowledge I have l have gained so far. I spent some time looking at various counselling courses and this one resonated the most with my beliefs and values, and my holistic view of physical and mental health. I feel grateful that I’ve chosen it.
    A big thank you to Brenda and the other amazing facilitators on this course .

    (0) (0)
  37. Tia Love

    When I began this journey with The Awakening Group I never imagined I would gain all that I already have and only halfway through the course. It has been a challenging, inspiring and magical journey filled with discovery, reality, insights, knowledge, healing, trueness and love. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking to go deep and discover lifelong tools that will completely change your life, relationships and guide you into becoming a counsellor.
    Thank you to all the facilitators, Brenda and my classmates for making this a truely life changing experience.

    (0) (0)
  38. Samantha Jane Martin

    What a journey. This course has truly brought so much richness to my life and a deep awareness of who I am. It has helped me to recognise how I want to show up in this world. It is a journey of self discovery, with every module carefully crafted for you to go deeper each time. It has helped me communicate better, listen with an open heart and made me recognise myself as important to care for first before I support others.

    (0) (0)
  39. Margarita Genet – Wilson

    THE MOST TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY SO FAR – Cannot recommend this gift more highly, to yourself, your relationships and the communities you serve. This course should be a pre-requisite for all humans on how to human with compassion, kindness and wisdom. Our world needs these teachings more than ever. Thank you Brenda for answering the call and bringing forth this Wisdom School. This is not a just a counselling course, even if you did not want to become a counsellor and took this course, this course is an initiation into true adulthood, true humaning and self knowing which then transforms the way we see, relate and respond to the people around us and our world from a place of understanding and compassion and freedom.

    (0) (0)
  40. Penelope Pettit

    Having been involved in Spiritual unfoldment all my adult life, I was inspired to study the Holistic Counselling course after reading the contents of the course which incorporates powerful healing modalities for balancing body, mind, and spirit to reveal the truth of who we really are. The depth of the course was very challenging and transformative on a professional level as well as on a deeply profound personal level releasing deep-seated ancestral issues. The wide range of transformative modalities and healing tools, offered face-to-face and online, were empowering, creative, interactive, and a lot of fun within a community of safety and unconditional love. I would highly recommend the course for its in-depth content, professionalism, and support given by Brenda Sutherland and her team of professional facilitators. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Brenda and her team as well as to all the students for the communal spirit, wealth of experiences, inspiration, and depth of the transformational healing I received within the group.

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