Family (Systemic) Constellations


Family (Systemic) Constellations


Often we find ourselves reacting in ways that despite all the counselling we can not change. These behaviours act as a symptom pointing to what needs to be seen and acknowledged in our ancestry. Once seen we can live our lives with a sense of freedom and support from our ancestors.


Key Information

One day Online Workshop: 10th September 2022
Melbourne: 19th & 20th November (face to face)
Brisbane: 5th & 6th November 2022 (face to face)
Brisbane: $295 inc GST (early bird, until Friday week prior to workshop)
One day Online: $145 inc GST
2 day face to face workshop with an opportunity for a number of people to do a constellation. Participants all have an opportunity to be a representative which gives us insights into your own family dynamics

Course Summary

Developed by Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations evolved through setting up and observing constellations. He proposed that a ‘systemic conscience’, family soul or Orders of Love govern families and systems, supporting harmony, balance and growth in families or systems such as schools, organizations or communities. Conversely family constellations can identify any disruption in these orders of love creating imbalances or entanglements to the flow of love and support. This can appear as illness, relationship problems, emotional disturbances etc.

Many of the problems we are experiencing in life and in our relationships are due to the fact that we carry the burden that one or more of our ancestors were unable to resolve at the time. Looking once again at what happened to those ancestors and giving now what could not be given then, can lead to resolution and lifting of the old burden. To bring about healing we use our natural ability to resonate with the feelings of others to “bring back“ momentarily those distressed or excluded ancestors, allowing them to “relive” and “resolve” their painful episodes, undoing the present family member’s entanglement with that ancestor.

This is a method of looking at the entanglements, lack of support, no-flow of love and disharmonies within a family and the effect that has on us, ie: depression, anger or illness etc, and restoring the gifts and support of our ancestors.




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Course Content

Introduction the Principles of Family Constellations work

  • Introduce the Principles of Family Constellations
  • Learn key components: Family History, the Family Soul, Orders of Love, Function of Conscience, Belonging & the balance of Giving and Taking
  • Move in harmony with your ancestors as you re-experience the flow of support and love from previous generations
  • Movements of the Soul
    • Developing mindfulness
    • Family of Origin
    • Personal Constellations
    • Experience this phenomenological approach through being a representative
    • Address issues such as adoption, abuse, illness, belonging and much more



Brenda Sutherland

Brenda Sutherland

Brenda Sutherland

B.Soc Sc (Psych) TAE, IICT, AHHCA

Brenda founded The Awakening Group P/L  in 1993. Her clear vision was to empower each individual to live their true potential. Since then The Awakening Group has grown from counselling, to counsellor training to offer online webinars and programs for organizations and businesses bringing teams together, effectively communicating to deliver results across the board.

Brenda B.Soc.Sc.(Psych) is a Holistic Counsellor, Trainer and Consultant with her practice grounded in over 30 years experience. She is the founder and Director of The Awakening Group accredited training programs and workshops conducted throughout Australia.

Over the past 20 years Brenda has taught at universities, lectured at conferences, appeared on TV and radio, written for magazines and conducted seminars throughout Australia and NZ. She has facilitated many workshops for private, corporate and governmental organizations on personal growth and professional development.

Brenda is a dynamic counsellor and educator who employs her intuition and professional knowledge to gently guide every individual in living their truth.

Throughout her career Brenda has combined her personal commitment to her own self growth and extensive, yet unique, professional training including Psychology, EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming, Art Therapy, Tantra, Eco-psychology, Soul Centred therapy, Kinesiology, Family & Organizational Constellation with world renowned facilitators (Dr Gunthard Weber, Dr Albrecht Mahr, Dr Guni Baxa, Dr Ursula Franke, Jakob Schneider, Dr Jane Peterson, Ed Lynch, Stephan Hausner etc).   Further Brenda has trained with Bessel van de Kolk (one of the worlds leading trauma experts), as well as Pat Odgen; body centred psychotherapy. She has also trained in The Work of Byron Katie and is a Effectiveness (Communication) Training instructor.

Brenda combines the latest neuroscience, attachment styles, arousal regulation, memory reconstruction techniques to return clients to a peaceful sense of self .  

Furthermore Brenda is a PACT Level 1 Couples counsellor having trained with Dr Stan Tatkin, the Founder of the Psychobiological Approach for Couple Therapy. 

You have the power within to transform and live your hearts desire. Brenda creates an opportunity to take you and your experience in relationships, life, sexuality, career and love a step further in authenticity to be the person you dreamed yourself to be. Discover and live new possibilities within yourself, relationships, career, sexually, health, with money and life.

Individual sessions, couple counselling and workshops are available (also via Zoom online) to support you in moving into the freedom of being. Issues of anxiety, fear, stress, anger, grief, sexuality, illness, relationships and much more are addressed with each session personally tailored to transform issues standing in the way of being the more of you.

Here’s what one client said:

“Thank you for today. I feel Amazing!!!”


Brenda has written for:


She has been quoted in:

and appeared on Channel 9’s Alternatives pilot program facilitating “Unmasking The Wild Woman” with guest Catriona Rowntree (Getaway presenter)


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Catherine Ingram-Silver

Catherine Ingram-Silver

Catherine Ingram-Silver


Since beginning her 28 years practice of Nichiren Buddhism, Catherine has devoted her life and work to integrating mind-body-spirit health. She has learned and observed the profound connection between the health of the individual and the health of the Systems in which she or he lives and originates. She has spent the last 18 years learning about and practising Family, Couple and individual therapy, as well as Family Constellations. She recently completed level 2 training in Sensori-motor Psychotherapy- a body centred healing modality developed by Pat Ogden, that incorporates mindfulness, talk and emotions with body work, to enable releasing from the effects of developmental and traumatic injuries.


Course details


Next Dates

  • One Day Online workshop: 10th September Saturday 2023 9.30am – 5pm VIC/NSW time with Brenda Sutherland
  • Brisbane: 5th & 6th November 2022 Saturday & Sunday 9am – 5pm with Brenda Sutherland
  • Melbourne: 19th & 20th November 2022  Saturday  9am – 5pm VIC/NSW time with Brenda Sutherland (face to face)



  • Online: via Zoom Room (registration link available on enrolment)
  • Melbourne: Australian Shiatsu College, 103 Evans St, East Brunswick
  • Brisbane: Bardon Natural Therapy and Counselling Centre, 151 Boundary Rd, Bardon


  • $295 GST incl earlybird (finishes the Friday prior to workshop)
  • $315 GST incl full price (Discounts available for group bookings)
  • $145 GST incl for One Day online program only


Individual Sessions


What is Family Constellations?




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