Audio, Video & Weblinks

Audio, Video & Weblinks

m4A, Youtube, TEDs talks & weblinks for useful websites, exercises and other resources

Leaving or Staying in a Relationship Byron Katie on how to leave peacefully or discover what is really true. m4A

The Power of Empathy  By Helen Reiss (Psychiatrist) at TEDxMiddlebury. Weblink

OSHO Kundalini Meditation  Active meditation – shaking, dancing, moving, silence. YouTube

Byron Katie On How To Be Successful  The Work of Byron Katie. YouTube

My Mom is So Mean to Me – (Part 1) Mother & Son The Work of Byron Katie.  YouTube

The Work of Byron Katie: Loving What Is. Little Booklet  Weblink

If you find a broken link or are unable to access the files, please let us know.

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