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Reading Links

Meditations, Visioning, Enquiry, Exercises, Inventories –

PDF & DOC links

Meditation (Family) by Bert Hellinger  Those who Belong Belong. PDF   

10 Steps to Visioning Your Life by Lucia Capacchione. PDF   

The Practice of Self Enquiry – The Ramana Way  By V.Ganesan PDF   

Creating Your Day by Ramtha  How to Create Your Day everyday. PDF   

Family Constellations -A Therapy Beyond Words  by Ingeborg Stiefel, Poppy Harris and W.F. Zollmann. PDF   

What Every Teacher Should Know  by Dr Thomas Gordon with Noel Burch. PDF   

Real Secret to Manifest Lifes Rewards  Give To Live: The Real Secret To Manifesting Life’s Rewards by Dr Rick Barrett plus The Greatest Money Making Secret In History by Dr Joe Vitale. PDF   

Ho’oponopono by Joe Vitale  Personal Responsibility Means Responsibility For Everything in Your Life.

Breathing Exercise for Women – Suzanne  An exercise for women to connect with their body, breath and heart. DOC   

Needs Inventory  A list of needs we are all trying to get met. DOC   

Downloads are updated regularly. If you find a broken link or are unable to access a file, please let us know.

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