Reclaiming the Wild Woman

Reclaim the Wild Woman

Reclaiming the Wild Woman

‘Wild Woman’. As I tentatively tried these two words on for the first time I heard them echo through my soul. Like a new outfit, unsure whether if she would have a home in me.

Each word, although a faint call, as my voice was uneasy in its ownership of self, started to wake her, feed and nourish her starved psyche, give her the roots from which to birth herself into reality and out of the woman consciousness of old, collected from lifetime after lifetime…..


She began to emerge from her cave, open her womb to reclaim her new found connectedness. Stretch into her birthright as a woman, in all her sovereignty and glory. Her juices filled my veins creating a deep restlessness, inspired to call forth long forgotten dreams and birth them into being. She guided me, connecting with the earth as a source of energy, deep nourishment to rejuvenate and to enhance my sexual ecstasy as a woman.


I found my faint whisper, that once called forth her name, grew to the growl of the panther, the wisdom of the owl and the sensuality of a snake. She lead me on journey’s through the animal realms, changing shape in order for me to reclaim more and more parts of myself, to connect to the more I had forgotten. She sung my soul song, calling forth my strength, knowingness and trust, in time of distress. She taught me to be a lover in my fire of passion, my solitary ecsatasy, my sensuality and infinite capacity to be joined in union with all. With her heart and passion she filled my emptiness with wholeness, yet remain empty, like the old oak hollowed out by time.


We are filled with a longing for the wild. There are few culturally sanctioned antidotes for this yearning. We are taught to feel shame for such a desire, we grow our hair long and used it to hide our feelings. But the shadow of Wild Women still lurks behind us during our days and in our nights. No matter where we are the shadow that trots behind us is definitely four-footed.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes “Women Who Run With The Wolves


She spoke to me in my silence and in my dreams, showing me visions. Together we called forth our union, separated for centuries, may walk hand in hand in harmony. We talked, we danced together, nourished by her presence as I called her back into being.


In her aliveness she showed me no boundaries, no limitations, she allowed me to feel what life could be. She called forth the beliefs that no longer served me, limited me, and guided me in living awareness of life created, choose another way of being, one more expansive, connected, joyous. She revealed the magician and transformed one’s tranced self into another reality, shattering delusion to expose an instant change in the world around me, and within me.


We journeyed into the forest, alone yet together, to reconnect me with silence and allow room to breathe the earth into my belly, bathe in waterfalls, sing the songs the birds taught, and dance to the rhythm of the soul. At night I slept within the arms of mother earth cradle in her touch, nourished. The woman stirred by the mystique of the moon; drummed the sorrowful struggle of my soul; breathed in the sensual dignity of tree, stroked my weary body with the brooks droplets and sighed at the freshness of being. My Wild Woman made me own what I delighted and cherished in another and long forgot to recognise in myself. The forest, the ocean, the winged ones all called me home. In the wave of the summer storm she called forth passion, stirring a deep YES of sovereignty, of connected ecstasy.


Now we are one, she and me. You could once see her in my dance, sometimes in a glance, or more, being freed from the belly by a roar… now me is we


Many women know this calling, the untamed, Nameless One, who unsettles us in our complacency, our ambivalence. We feel her in our dreams, our yearnings, our bursting passion, our ideas, loves, wisdom, our sexuality, anger and grief. We hear her in our footsteps. She is our instincts, our mysteries, seen and unseen. She is our feminine, the past, present and future of all women. We call her Wild Woman.


Your Wild Woman has always walked by your side, breathed when you wanted to stop, angered when you could bear things no longer; supported and nourished you however you chose to be or experience yourself in the world. She has guided you to walk paths that you felt you could never, yet found dreams do come true.


Once reclaimed you won’t want to let her go. For with her comes a passion for life you only dreamed of.


Calling Forth Your Wild Woman

Here is a simple exercise to support you to slowly call her presence forth more in your daily life.

Find a space you feel your Wild Woman would be seated, either in nature, beside the sea, beside fire, making sure you will not be disturbed. It is essential when first beginning to acknowledge the Wild Woman that you allow her to speak to you in silent spaces.

Take time to breathe deeply, to relax and bring your attention into the moment, resting in the body, with nothing to do or fix. If you find it hard to relax, place a hand on your heart and one on your belly to centre you; breathing again deeply. Let go into the earth.


Now in your mind’s eye visualise your Wild Woman. Many women find she looks exactly like themselves but dressed differently. Begin a dialogue with her, asking her questions, and just allowing the answers to be felt, heard or seen in your minds eye.


The more you take time to acknowledge her, the more she will be present in your daily life. The rewards will become undeniably apparent.


The ability to heal our spirits as she is called forth opens the path for sisters to reclaim their birthrights, their Wild Woman. She thrives on dance, on the rhythm of drums calling her forth, on music, on stories, poetry, song, prayer, around an open fire and water, in forests, in sharing of one wild woman with another. Our cells remember. Anything that fills your soul and takes you journeying from a sense of depletion to embodying the knowledge and love of who you are as a woman, will awaken her. And the longing will be no more.


First published in the 90’s in the Living Now Magazine. Written by Brenda Sutherland



Estés, Clarissa Pinkola (1992) Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype, Ballatine Books


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