Holistic Counselling

A holistic approach considers all parts of who we are; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and how they effect one another. Working holistically gives insight into our thoughts (mental) that effect the body (physical) making us feel (emotional) a particular way and thus alter our experience of ourselves in relationship to the greater consciousness (spiritual).

Working together to bring resolution to these parts of ourself to ensure they support and work together to create an inner harmony, vitality and success in your life.

Holistic Counselling utilizes many techniques such as Emotional Freedom Technique, Dissolution and Freedom technique, Creative Visualisation, Family Constellation, voice dialogue, The Work of Byron Katie and much more and are sculptured to suit each individuals needs to bring about an internal resolution and awakening.

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Relationship Counselling

Often couples don’t know why they argue, our nervous systems just get triggered. Or couples are trying to juggle blended families, lack of time to connect, or forgotten how to connect. Managing thirds whether the third is children, a job, a project, relatives, sports ambition or a lover often we have not been taught how to stay connected and manage those competing elements that pull our attention away from each other.

At The Awakening Group we approach couple counselling with a framework of mutuality – that is however you are together are you co-creating a secure functioning relationship? We show you how using a combination of a Psychobiological approach to Couple therapy (PACT), arousal regulation, attachment style regulation and the latest neuroscience, family constellations, enquiry into beliefs, effective communication skills, working with intimacy and sexuality and so much more.

Learn how to develop a manual on each other to keep each other safe, stay connected and stop triggering each others nervous system. Create a couple bubble together where you both feel safe, feel as though you matter, and are connected. Just think what would be possible if you lived from this place together?

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The Work of Byron Katie

A simply tool to bring freedom from our beliefs that cause suffering in our everyday lives in relation to our relationships, health, money, career and own self.

  • Time magazine called The Work “4 Questions and Turn it Around”
  • Judge your Neighbour, Write it Down, Ask 4 Questions and Turn it Around

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Family (Systemic Constellations)

Pioneered by Bert Hellinger and further developed by world renowned therapists Family Constellations is conducted in groups using representatives of family members or in individual sessions using figurines, imagery and art therapy to represent different family members.

Many of the problems we are experiencing in life, with our health and in our relationships are due to the fact that we carry the burden that one or more of our ancestors were unable to resolve at the time.

This method looks at the entanglements, lack of support, lack of the flow of love and disharmonies within a family and the effect that has on us, ie: depression, anger or illness, suicidal tendencies, pain, relationship breakdowns, anger/rage etc.

Looking once again at what happened to those ancestors and giving now what could not be given then, can lead to resolution and lifting of the old burden in this generation, restoring the gifts and support of our ancestors so that we can move forward in our lives.

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Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology utilizes many techniques to initiate changes in our lives, physical health and wellbeing. Such techniques are:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is based on the discovery that the body’s subtle energies are effected by emotions that are not processed fully and create physical blockages causing pain and reoccurring distressful feelings. It is an simply and portable emotional version of acupressure whereby it stimulates energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips that reprograms the body to experience a renewed response to a previously stressful one.

Dissolution and Freedom Technique

Illness, physical pain, a reoccurring anxiety or emotional issue are all relieved by this simple and dynamic technique. It meets the cellular memory causing the distress with detachment and surrender so the symptom disappears within minutes.


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